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What should I draw next?

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  • A Pokemon

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  • Something else (lmk in the chat!)

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Welcome to DaWolfKid’s Art Thread!

I mainly draw Pokemon but do the occasional human drawing or mythical creature every now and then!

I take Pokemon requests so lmk if you’d like something done and I’ll see what I can do! Thanks for stopping by :’D

Please note that the drawings don’t get decent until half way through page 2.


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feedback as requested...

First it'd help to know what program you're using and if you have a drawing tablet. It doesn't look like you're using pressure sensitivity.

You have a nice starting sense of things and great goals. There's a refinement that's missing, the time it takes to clean up lines and color will go a long way. If you don't have a tablet there's ways to mimic this like with the pen tool
Thanks for the feedback, Ciran!
I have a Wacom Intuos Medium and I use clip studio paint.
I think my main issue is my lack of knowledge of the program and just colouring digitally in general. Also my line work could use a little cleaning up, yeah.
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yeah, you should have better control than what I'm seeing here, maybe you need to play with sensitivity settings. I haven't used clip studio paint but a quick look makes me think something is off.

It also looks like you might not be using layers effectively?

like right here, all the white spots, using the program properly this shouldn't be happening. Part of digital art is working smarter not harder. Or like the line from the arm coming into the shield. Using layers properly would also make this impossible to happen.

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